Peter John Cloete's area of specialization is in the area of Local Government Law.  He has considerable experience in working with Local and District Municipalities as well as having served and worked as a sitting Councillor from 1999 – 2006.

Prior Experience

01 July to date


01/11/2007 – 30 June 2009: 
Director Smith Tabata Inc
1992 – 2007 
Partner in and thereafter Sole Proprietor of Fiveash & Cloete Attorneys, Queenstown
1991 – 1992: 
Candidate Attorney, Wheeldon Rushmere &.Cole – Grahamstown

Detailed Experience
Peter John Cloete was admitted as an Attorney at Law on the 3rd December 1992 and thereafter as a Conveyancer on the 24th August 1995 and a Notary Public on the 18th February 1999.
Peter John Cloete has practiced extensively in all fields of Law and has since 1999 specialised in Local Government Law in particular.  He has been active in Litigation, Family Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Labour Law and other related fields of the Law.
Peter John Cloete has in particular specialized in Local Government Law and has acted as Legal Advisor to a number of Local Municipalities and District Municipalities in and around the Eastern Cape Province.
His work has entailed assisting with the drafting and preparation of by-laws and policies, the facilitation and presentation of workshops pertaining to both Councillors and Officials relating to by-laws and policies across a wide range of Municipal subjects and has provided advice and assistance with regard to the Legislation and the requirements of the said Legislation as imposed on the Local Government bodies.
Peter John Cloete has acted for, in particular, District Municipalities with regard to a number of litigation matters relating to High Court actions brought against and for the District Municipalities and has worked closely in this regard in providing legal opinions and advices pertaining to the said matters.

Peter John Cloete has the following academic qualifications:

  • BMil, University of Stellenbosch
  • LLB, Rhodes University